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Insurance Claims Tips

Filing an insurance claim, whether a large one or a small one, can become tedious with numerous reporting requirements and loads of paperwork. Harlingen public adjusters offer the following  tips so you can stay on top of the process before it gets the better of you.

  1. Don't wait for the adjuster to take photos – take your own. The sooner you document the damage, the better. Invest in a digital camera and take as many pictures as possible.


  1. Get a portable file box and folders from your office supply store specifically for the claim. Create separate folders to store the following documents:
    1. A copy of your insurance policy
    2. Written correspondence
    3. Copies of all claims forms
    4. Home inventory list
    5. Loss estimates
    6. Documentation (photos, diagrams, notes, receipts, etc.)
    7. Contracts
    8. To-do list/notebook
  1. Find out exactly what your responsibilities are and when specific actions must be completed. Create a claims calendar with all dates prominently marked.


These three tips will help you take a more active role in the claims process as well as keep you organized and on top of your responsibilities.