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After years of paying insurance premiums in full and on time, you expect your insurance company to pay your claim in full and on time, too. As Harlingen public adjusters, we know that this isn't a given. First, define "in full." While your annual premium may be clearly defined in the policy, your insurance settlement isn't. It depends on many factors such as: what caused the damage, what is reported as damaged or lost, which estimate figures are used, and the policy's provisions, limits, and exclusions.

In order to increase your insurance claim, you must first fully understand your insurance policy. What type of replacement coverage do you have? What types of items are specifically excluded? Are their policy limits affecting fine art, jewelry, coin collections, or electronics? Did you purchase a rider or endorsement adding coverage for these items? How much is your deductible? Is there a special deductible that applies due to the damage type (such as a hurricane deductible)?

From there, you must accurately and completely claim everything possible. This doesn't mean making up losses that didn't occur; it means listing all losses that you have suffered. It's easy to forget to claim eligible items, so make sure you take your time and inventory everything. Even small, seemingly inconsequential losses add up quickly. For example, if your kitchen burns down, you might forget to claim a few napkin rings and placemats or fail to include them because they're non-essential items. However, when was the last time you shopped for napkin rings and placemats? They're not necessarily inexpensive and items like these add up quickly.

It's important to document all of the damage. In the aftermath of a major storm or flood, it's tempting to haul away the debris right away so you can start cleaning up. However, that debris contains evidence of your losses. Take extensive photos and videos to ensure that your losses are fully documented.

Finally, consider getting outside help. Harlingen public adjusters specialize in helping policyholders prove their losses and increase their claims. We're here for you – and we offer a free, no obligation insurance claim review. Contact us today and make sure your insurance claim is all that it should be.