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How can I trust my insurance company to pay the full value of my claim?

A successful insurance settlement isn't a matter of trust or distrust; it's a matter of proving your losses. Guess whose job it is to prove those losses? YOURS. So, you can trust or distrust your insurance company all you want, but if you fail to prove your losses, your final settlement will be lower than it should be. To ensure that your insurance company is aware of all of your losses and has accurate information as to the total value of the claim, it's smart to have your Harlingen claim prepared by a public adjuster. 

How do Harlingen public adjusters increase the value of a claim?

Public adjusters are insurance professionals with extensive claims adjusting experience. Instead of estimating losses for insurance companies, they do so for policyholders. As dedicated service providers who are paid out of the final settlement, they are extremely diligent about proving your losses, accurately estimating them, and thoroughly supporting them with documentation.

How much do public adjusters in Harlingen, Texas charge?

In Texas, public adjusters charge a small percentage of the final settlement. This fee, which is regulated by the Department of Insurance, is never paid upfront and it is only paid if a settlement is reached. In other words, if we can't get you a settlement, we don't get paid.

Isn't it redundant to have two adjusters working on my claim?

The same could be said of having two divorce attorneys when a couple divorces, yet few couples would allow their estranged spouse's attorney to call the shots. There certainly will be some overlap with two adjusters estimating the same damage; however, having your own public adjuster disputing insurance company estimates and making sure that all losses are included is extremely smart.

Won't it be awkward to have my own adjuster? Won't my insurance company be mad?

Not at all. Despite the trauma of the situation, this is a business transaction. We work with insurance companies all the time, and the process is far from adversarial. In fact, since we are industry experts, many company adjusters welcome our efforts – we make their jobs much easier with our detailed inventories and supporting documentation.